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Most people spend their lives pursuing and protecting other people’s passions, and never discover their own. Regrets come not from what we did, but from what we neglected to do.

Passion is your source of energy, your reason for living. There is no need to compromise it for what appear to be practical reasons.

While your passions and projects are unique to you, there is a proven process and tools that can help you. There are 4 Steps to:

Pledge, Pursue, Present, and Profit from Your Passions

Step 1) Gain Clarity on your Top Five Passions. 
Clear away the clutter in your mind so that you can focus on what matters most to you through the Passion Test.


Step 2) Connect your Passions to your Calendar. Discover the process of Serendipity and protect your time so that you can pursue your passions in a meaningful way through the Mandala Chart. 

Step 3) Show, share and tell the world about your Passions. 
Put your passions on a platform so that you can share and present yourself to the world through your passions learning how to Speak and Prosper.


Step 4) Turn your Passions into Profit. 
Profit gives your Passions sustainability and enables you to contribute your best to the world. Apply proven entrepreneurial tools on GeniusU so that you can pay for and profit from your passions.

Coaching with William Reed can help you take these four steps to enhance your personal and professional life. 

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1) World Class Speaking Coach, by Craig Valentine, Toastmasters  World Champion

2) Entrepreneur Mentor, Certified by GeniusU, Founded by Roger Hamilton

3)  Scottish Samurai Awards Hall of Fame, Great Shogun Award (2018) https://samurai.scot/wall-of-fame/

TEDx Speaker, at TEDxKG and TEDxTrondheim

Professional Calligrapher, 10th-Dan Shodo, Numerous Awards and Exhibitions, Vice President of Zen Nihon Kyoiku Shodo Renmei

Martial Artist, 8th-Dan Aikido, Certified Maruyama Koretoshi Sensei, Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai; Head of Yamanashi Division of the International IAIDO Organization Mugairyu Hogyokukai



I once heard it said that you must "do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do." But, what if you could do what you love to do and even make it highly-profitable? That's where Will Reed comes in. When it comes to turning your passion into profits, there's no better guide, that I know of in this world, than Will Reed. 

Imagine waking up each day, doing what you love to do, and getting paid handsomely for it. Imagine your vocation feeling like your vacation. That's possible when you have Will Reed as your guide. He's already climbed that mountain and he can show you where to step and, more importantly, where to avoid stepping. And you'll enjoy the process as well as the destination.

Craig Valentine

World Champion of Public Speaking, Founder, Speak and Prosper Academy, Co-Author, Amazon.com #1 Bestseller, World Class Speaking in Action


In January 2020 William Reed (Will) helped facilitate a two day workshop for the whole Laerdal Japan team.  The workshop was a fantastic mix of presentations, small group exercises and team building activities.  All of these were based on Japanese culture, using Japanese traditional exercise and activities to challenge mindsets.
The two days were extremely well received by our team, the lessons learnt and lessons shared were very impactful and at the end of the two days, our team left energized and focused.
Thank you Will
Yours Sincerely,

Graeme Foulds

Regional Director, Laerdal, Asia Pacific


The 2 day course on Creativity in Business that William Reed provided blew our people away and the feedback has been extremely positive, ranking as one of our most popular training programs to date. William’s delivery is infectious and he talks on a range of topics from visual thinking and memory techniques to personality analysis. I was amazed that William could cover so much content so well and present in such an effective manner that I can easily recall most of it! I can already see the people involved in this course are putting this to use and they are now thirsty for more and the word of mouth has spread in the company that we should provide this for everyone.


Gordon Watson

EVP and Regional Managing Director at AIA Group, CEO, AXA Asia


I first met Will Reed in the 1980’s when the group I worked for wanted to establish an office in Tokyo and hire someone to manage that office for us. I met Will in the process of hiring that person. When I interviewed Will I hired him on the spot. There were a lot of candidates who could speak and write in the Japanese language but Will’s knowledge of the Japanese culture and his devotion to Japan impressed us.

After we hired him and set up our office he rewarded our faith in him by making numerous inroads in the automotive markets and the media serving them. Our office was highly successful in that he opened doors with the volume retail outlets and opened an entire market for our member small companies. In the process Will convinced a large number of Japanese manufacturers to come to America and sell their products through our member companies. That brought millions of dollars of revenues to our group and was another successful program that Will Reed managed.

The group I refer to is a trades association with over 4,000 corporate members and I was it’s president at that time.

Beside Will’s ability as a business manager I couldn’t help but to learn of Will’s inclusion and efforts to submerge himself in the culture of Japanese society both current and the ancient culture. I cannot help but to say Will is a brilliant man and will be successful everything he has opted to do.  As an American in Japanese culture one can only wonder how successful he has been and how he has been held in high esteem by those those he works for and socialize with.    

Chuck Blum

Former President of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) https://www.sema.org


Would you like to expand your mind? William Reed is one of the most talented and unusual people I ever met while working in Japan. In fact , it would be more honest to say ‘he is the most uniquely talented person across the broadest set of skills’ I ever met in my life !

He is a Japanologist with over four decades of experience in Japan, and in-depth knowledge of the Japanese language and culture. He is dedicated to bridging the language and cultural gap to make accessible the Ways of practical wisdom in Japanese Budo and traditional arts.

His focus is coaching and training in the application of Aikido and Renaissance Samurai principles to idea generation, speaking, and personal branding in a business environment. Will is the author of several books in English on Aikido and Shodo, and has written a number of books in Japanese; including two which became number one bestsellers on Amazon in Japan, one on the Art of World Class Presentations, and the other on Mind Mapping and Creativity. He has also appeared in several documentaries as a navigator on Samurai Code and Culture, including the Aizu Samurai.

Konrad Labuschagne

Governmental Affairs, Patient Advocacy, Global Marketing, Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


“I have worked with Will Reed for 5 years and there is no one I can more highly recommend. Will is a savvy Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and World Class Speaking Coach. His commitment to excellence and as well as a balanced lifestyle is truly impressive — he walks the talk. His energy, originality and spirit is striking, and one word that always comes to mind is  “over-delivery”. If you work with him I am certain you will get far more value than you would expect.” 

Mitch Meyerson

Founder of Guerrilla Marketing Coaching, Author of 11 books, including World Class Speaking, Mastering Online Marketing, and Online Marketing Superstars


Although we're thousands of miles apart, during the past 10 years, I've benefited greatly from Will Reed's advise and counsel. I consider him a mentor whose opinion I trust. Will has been consistently ahead of the curve, introducing me to mew creative tools and ideas, all from an informed & enthusiastic "real world" marketing perspective. I met Will through the Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach program, and I've interviewed as a guest several occasions on the weekly teleseminar calls I hosted for the Guerrilla Marketing Association.

Will has consistently delivered high-quality presentations and innovative approaches to personal branding, he is a popular and perennial guest on the calls. Moreover, as a professional writing coach, I have admired his prolific output as a writer, not only of bestselling books, but of blogs, newsletters, and online columns. Will generously share his wisdom and ongoing discoveries with the rest of the world. He not only shares practical wisdom, but knows how to present it in beautiful prose and attractive graphic format. William Reed is always at the leading edge in his online web presence and Social Media, and ever personable and enthusiastic to help others on the path. 

Roger Parker 

Best-selling author and writing coach http://www.publishedandprofitable.com


I have known Will for some years as a fellow Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, and I have been impressed with his original approach in customizing the process for his international clients in Japan. Will has a remarkable degree of insight and creative energy, which shows in his prolific writing output, not only in books both in Japanese and English, but also in an amazing and consistently high-quality output of newsletters and two syndicated online columns: Creative Career Path and Art of Flexible Focus. Will also helped me personally by translating and launching my book GUERRILLA MARKETING IN 30 DAYS to Number One Amazon bestseller status in Japan, and the book is still selling well as a business book in Japan. He has boundless energy and a very practical imagination in applied the tools of Guerrilla Marketing and Social Media to help others help themselves succeed in business.

Al Lautenslager

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor, Managing Partner, AEC Industry,
Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Consultant at Guerrilla Marketing


Over the past several years, William has been a guest lecturer in my class on entrepreneurial management and participated as a judge in the annual business plan contest held at our graduate school of business. In the entrepreneurial management class, I try to invite speakers who may serve as “exemplars” of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial modes of thinking and action.   William perfectly fills the bill. Not only are William’s personal stories inspiring, the frameworks he presents provide valuable tools to the students in the design and management of their own future careers, whether in entrepreneurial ventures or large companies. In addition, William is capable of effectively blending modern business practices with his own deep expertise in traditional Japanese arts and wider understanding of Asian culture to formulate a message that is not only very different but very relevant to business students and business professionals. Finally, as one of the judges in our business plan contest, William’s unique insights into business and interpersonal dynamics allow him to provide insightful and constructive comments to the students, which are always highly appreciated.”   

Michael Korver

Professor, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy Hitotsubashi University Managing Partner, Global Venture Capital 


I've known William for a number of years through different of communities in Tokyo. William is definitely one of the most energetic, cheerful and passionate people you will ever meet. A man of many interests and talents, his abundant skill set, wide and varied knowledge and outstanding personality is guaranteed to add flavor and electricity to any project or team. A great presenter, he can also present extremely well and enchant an audience.

Andrew Shuttleworth

Regional Manager APAC, and Country Manager Cloud Ace Singapore 


I had the pleasure of meeting William when he requested an interview for his iPad Creator's Club in Tokyo, Japan. And what a rip-roaring good time we had talking! I was already impressed by the depth and thoughtfulness of his questions and was even more impressed by the quality of his character. William is highly intelligent, observant, has high-level, focused energy and is also capable of a good belly laugh. I loved connecting with him and we intend to see where we might make more connections for visual thinking in Japan. If you're wondering about working with or partnering with William ever in the future, let this recommendation put all of your questions to rest. He's a treasure. 

Sunni Brown

Founder of Sunni Brown Ink, Visual Thinking Consultancy TED Speaker